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In 2017, we founded the FUTURO studio in response to the growing inner voice longing for self-realization and the desire to prove that furniture does not have to be just consumer goods.

We focus on working with thin sheets of wood, which we cut into small pieces and then assemble by hand into various patterns and motives, which we apply to the furniture.
We love looking for ways to create things that seemingly cannot be created. Equally, we are fascinated by modern technologies we use in our work.

Which gradually expanded from private spaces to cafés, hotels, or even a castle.
And last year it travelled even beyond the borders of the Czech republic across West to overseas.

Úzce spolupracujeme s čerstvými Grand designéry Hermann&Coufal, kteří pro studio navrhli kolekci roletkových komod ROLLETA.

The collection was successfully introduces at the last Designblok (2021) and nominated for several design awards.
We are currently working with the duo on a new product made of a unique 100% ecological material. We have dedicated the last few years to the development of this material together with the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

To create the material we make use of wood waste that is vaccinated by fungae which grows through the wooden mass and connects it with its mycelium fibre.
Material and its use fascinated the regional government of our Moravian-Silesian region to the point of becoming our supporter.

FUTURO is the future.

Jiří a Michal


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