The Roots collectible furniture collection

  Combining new production technologies with traditional craftsmanship, the collectibles include commodes, cabinets,
cupboards and shelving units.
“What pleases me immensely about this collaboration is that Futuro is not afraid of complex solutions and bold
authorial aesthetics. I am excited to have been able to design a distinctive collection based on delicate details, unusual
woods and new manufacturing techniques. My inspiration is rooted in the structures and organic forms of the forest,
an environment that is closely linked to the Futuro brand,” states Krejcirik.
“We knew that we had to take a step in a direction that would signify our next stage. Jiří Krejčiřík seemed to be the
chosen one for this purpose. He was able to understand and grasp our ‘space of knowledge’, which he transformed
into bold objects that go beyond the function of utilitarian objects,” add Michal Princ and Jiří Gelnar, the founders of
the Futuro brand.

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